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Anime High School Girl Fighter
Anime High School Girl

Anime High School Girl Fighter apk game v1.3.7 for android

App name: 
Anime High School Girl Fighter
Version:  1.3.7
App name: 
Anime High School Girl Fighter
Category:  Role Playing
Publisher:  Epic Fun Games
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  09/10/2022
Version:  1.3.7
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Anime High School Girl Fighter screenshot image
Anime High School Girl Fighter screenshot image
Anime High School Girl Fighter screenshot image
Anime High School Girl Fighter screenshot image
Anime High School Girl Fighter screenshot image

The description of Anime High School Girl Fighter

High School Girls Sword Fighting is a role playing game.Aki belongs to a noble family that has a long history of sword fighting the dark entities like super heroes. 

They have special spiritual powers which they can use to anime sword fight dark demonic creatures .
Fumi on the other hand is a half demon & half human. An outcast for the demons and humans.
She has no place to call home, Fumi decides to bring havoc on to the human world for that reason.
Blinded by vengeance her unimaginable powers bring forth unnatural dark beings.

Sakura chan finds herself in samurai undead creatures while attending her anime highschool. Our kawaii schoolgirl has no other choice
but to wipe out the high school classmates, who were once her friends and senpai. Roleplay anime girl cant even recognize what kind of evil monsters they have become.
Enraged with these circumstances she swears to slay the one behind this grim situation. Little does she know,
Magician sakura sim is already near yandere school girl.

Jrpg Highschool girls Sword Fighting is a game where you find yourself inside the rpg anime high school situations similar to anime battle survival games.

In the yandere simulator, make your way through haunted school simulator, dating simulator challenges to the reflexes and wit.
You will be using anime ninja weapons,deadly samurai weapons which can be the ultimate first person shooter experience. The game is like anime superhero vs shonen villains.
Protector of justice! Kawaii yendere chan has ninja honor and would do anything to uphold it. Stay true to your bushido samurai blade, otherwise it can go dull in top anime battle games.

This is all about anime sword fighting madness! Trapped in the anime school games, surrounded by mortal enemies, kawaii anime girls and immortal super heroes ranging from legend magicians, naughty school girls,zombies, demons, teachers, wildings and corrupted knights alike, show everyone the rage of the shinobi anime games.You are trained by a jrpg ninja shinobi sensei to become a anime sword fighter and anime sword fighter.
Sneak up on jrpg high school girls fighters and deadly zombies and wildlings alike with stealth techniques. This rpg anime sword fighting game is all about mortal survival blood revenge. Omae wa mou shindeiru she says as she kill demons. An Evil samurai, ninja sword fighters and legendary magician warriors you can find all of them in it.
Its one of the best samurai warrior games. Both characters have different anime fighting games styles. From the infinite blade of the world, you now can choose the immortal blades from the most precious armoury available in the school life simulator games. Omae wa mou shindeiru she says as she kill zombies. One is anime school girl samurai and the other is like a deadly ninja girl. Uphold your silent kunoichi honor and Use your Kung fu skills as you impersonate the Japanese hitman to infiltrate summer school life,start slashing enemies with your sakura high school samurai assassin survival skills. Easily one of the Best ninja warrior games. Make sure this doesn't turn into another anime yandere simulator games, anime school life simulator games and anime dress up simulator games. Be one of the kawaii Japanese girls who take on naughty succubus like evil creatures.

If you love anime sword fighting games , you're going to love this anime Ninja Legends Combat games because its fun to play and you'll have tons of hours of fun as you join the ninja battle as one of the magic Highschool Assassins.
Live up to your anime legend as the great jrpg Sword Fighting Champion. Be the ultimate super hero who stands above all the other rpg anime super heroes present on planet earth and beyond !

Game Features:

- Japanese High school Environment
- Many Weapons to Choose from, with Different Particle Effects
- Many Unique Costumes
- Alternate Stories
- 3 Different Characters to Play with
- Anime effects
- Special Moves
- Anime Style Animations
- Challenging Levels

Anime High School Girl Fighter 1.3.7 Update

Major Update:

- New adventure mode
- New environment
- School simulator mechanics introduced
- More adventure levels coming soon
- UI layout adjusted
- Bugs fixed
- Low Graphics mode optimized for low end devices
- Med Graphics mode optimized
- High Graphics mode optimized
- New Game mode coming soon
- New character coming soon
- Completely different controls coming soon

Additional Information

Category:  Role Playing
Publisher:  Epic Fun Games
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  09/10/2022

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