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AnimalCrushMatch(Classic elimination game)
AnimalCrushMatch<span>(Classic elimination game)</span>

AnimalCrushMatch apk game v3.6.20231128(Classic elimination game) for android

App name: 
Version:  3.6.20231128
App name: 
Category:  Casual
Publisher:  WHWL
Requirements:  Android 6.0+
Publish Date:  15/05/2024
Version:  3.6.20231128
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The description of AnimalCrushMatch(Classic elimination game)

AnimalCrushMatch is a puzzle match-3 game inspired by the popular Candy Crush series, but with an animal theme. Through cute animal characters and rich level design, the game attracts players to constantly challenge and unlock new content. The following is an introduction and content expansion of the game:

Game introduction

"Animal Crush Match" is a casual puzzle game in which players need to connect three or more identical animals in a line by exchanging adjacent animal icons to eliminate them and gain points. The game combines strategy and luck, aiming to bring players a relaxing and enjoyable gaming experience through a variety of levels and challenges.

Game content

1. Diverse levels

Basic level: Players need to reach the specified score within a limited number of steps.

Obstacle levels: Obstacles such as ice, mud, and chains are introduced to increase the difficulty and interest of the game.

Time level: Eliminate as many animal icons as possible within the specified time, challenging the player's reaction speed and strategy.

2. Special animal icons

Bomb animal: When eliminated, it can blow up a large area of surrounding icons.

Rainbow animals: Can be exchanged with any icon to eliminate all similar animals.

Striped Animals: You can clear an entire row or column of icons horizontally or vertically.

3. Prop system

Hammer: Can knock out a specified icon.

Rearranger: Rearrange all icons to help players break the deadlock.

Extra Steps: Add a few extra steps at critical moments to help complete difficult levels.

4. Daily challenges and activities

Daily tasks: Complete specific tasks to get gold coins and props as rewards.

Limited-time events: such as holiday-themed levels and challenges that offer unique rewards and decorations.

5. Social interaction

Friends Ranking: You can view and compare your friends' scores.

Mutual aid system: Friends can give each other lives or props to increase interactivity.

6. In-app purchase system

Players can purchase gold coins, prop packs and special skins to enhance the gaming experience and decorate their animal characters.

Content expansion

1. New animal characters

New animal characters and icons are added regularly to keep the game fresh and diverse. For example: ocean theme, jungle theme, farm theme, etc.

2. Level Editor

Players can design their own levels and share them with other players to challenge them, enhancing community interactivity and game persistence.

3. League system

Introducing leagues and ranking matches, players can obtain rankings and special rewards through competitions, stimulating competitive enthusiasm.

4. Story mode

Adding storylines and tasks allows players to experience a complete story line while clearing levels, increasing the sense of immersion and fun of the game.

5. Cross-platform synchronization

Supports cross-platform account synchronization, allowing players to seamlessly continue game progress on different devices.

"AnimalCrushMatch" provides an excellent choice for leisure and entertainment with its colorful level design, cute animal themes and various game modes. Through continuous content updates and expansions, the game is committed to bringing long-lasting fun and challenges to players.


AnimalCrushMatch(Classic elimination game) 3.6.20231128 Update

Bug Fixes


Additional Information

Category:  Casual
Publisher:  WHWL
Requirements:  Android 6.0+
Publish Date:  15/05/2024

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