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AltWorld - Meet & Play in 3D
AltWorld - Meet & Play in

AltWorld - Meet & Play in 3D apk game v4.6.0 for android

App name: 
AltWorld - Meet & Play in 3D
Version:  4.6.0
App name: 
AltWorld - Meet & Play in 3D
Category:  Adventure
Publisher:  AltWorld
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  12/10/2022
Version:  4.6.0
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AltWorld - Meet & Play in 3D screenshot image
AltWorld - Meet & Play in 3D screenshot image
AltWorld - Meet & Play in 3D screenshot image
AltWorld - Meet & Play in 3D screenshot image
AltWorld - Meet & Play in 3D screenshot image

The description of AltWorld - Meet & Play in 3D

About AltWorld (Alt World)

Welcome to the AltWorld metaverse! Here you will find endless worlds where you can play unlimited games, hang out with friends, create anything and be whoever you want!

Are you ready to explore the endless possibilities Alt World has to offer?

AltWorld is a deeply immersive 3D multiverse where you can create, play, chill and hangout with friends.
There are many casual and hypercasual experiences, created by the developers and many by the players themselves!

This is a metaverse made by the players, for the players!


In Alt World, you’ll be able to create your own objects, art, worlds, clothing and more! Others can explore your creations, and you can explore theirs. The AltWorld universe is expanding; you’ll be a creator of your own imagination.

- In Alt World, you can use no-code tools to create almost anything to customize your avatar, 3D objects, new environments and mini-games.
- You can list your creations in the AltWorld marketplace to earn popularity and bragging rights.
- Other people can travel in your environments and use your objects & accessories to customize their avatars.
- The tools in the Alt World metaverse give you endless possibilities to create unlimited objects and new environments.

As said before, AltWorld is by the creators, for the creator.


- Avatar-based Identity System

Every player has a unique avatar, which you can customise and add accessories to make your avatar stand out from the rest. Choose from hundreds of clothing customisation to make your unique avatar out of a million possibilities.

- Voice Chat for Social Interaction

Talk and listen to your friends as if you are really there. For example, imagine you are walking around at a party, you talk to someone, and then walk away from that person; their voice gets quieter. In the AltWorld space, voice chat is as natural as it gets.

- The Cabin

The Cabin is your private space. This is where you can customise your avatar; accessorise the cabin with your trophies, skins and many other objects.

- Beach Club

The Beach Club is where your journey begins in Alt World. You can play different games, have fun with friends and meet new people.

- Take a selfie

Smile! Cause it’s time to take a selfie, alone or with friends in the Alt World.

- Show your moves

Make your avatar do some famous dance steps to some sick beats.

- Cans knockdown

From the fares around the world to AltWorld, the OG game of knocking the cans down is here. Compete with your friends and show them who's the best.

- Basketball

Dribble-dribble with your friends in the AltWorld, and slam dunk some!

- Balloon Popping with Darts

Aim, lock and pop! Who will pop all the balloons first? Test out with your friends.

- Ship Ride

Captain, your ship is ready to sail into the oceans of the Alt World.

- Play Guitar

Comboy, be the hero and play the guitar in the wild wild west of the AltWorld.

- Eat, Drink and Relax

Need we say more ;)

[Other Spaces in AltWorld]

Explore some more upcoming spaces in AltWorld! Join in public mode or create a private server with your friends.

- Space Station
- Party/Karaoke Room
- Playstation Cafe

AltWorld minimum system requirements:

Minimum storage space: 2GB
Minimum RAM: 2GB
Requires a stable internet connection


Follow us for regular updates:

Join the Alpha Testing group on Telegram and win AltWorld goodies:


Play responsibly. All rights reserved.

AltWorld - Meet & Play in 3D 4.6.0 Update

Meet & Play in 3D

Additional Information

Category:  Adventure
Publisher:  AltWorld
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  12/10/2022

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