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Alkitab apk app v4.8.0 for android

App name: 
Version:  4.8.0
App name: 
Publisher:  SABDA
Requirements:  Android 4.2+
Publish Date:  15/03/2023
Version:  4.8.0
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Alkitab screenshot image
Alkitab screenshot image
Alkitab screenshot image

The description of Alkitab

NET Bible (Android Yuku)

Applications "Bible Yuku" is now also available through the publisher Bible.

Applications NET Bible is a Bible application Android multifunctional, multiversi, free of charge, and without ads. Features the complete, among others: integrated with the Android app NET another (Bible Dictionary, AlkiPEDIA, interpretation), look and new navigation, advanced search, version comparison, cross-references, personal notes, history read / search, bookmarks , copy or share, the spotlight; besides the Bible app also comes with a wide range of Bible reading plans, daily devotional Bible and hymn books / hymn. Users can enjoy the word of God without having to connect the Internet anytime and anywhere - Bible Everywhere !!

Various translations of the Bible. There are translations of the Bible in modern and ancient Indonesian, regional language / ethnicity, native language of the Bible (Yun / Heb), and foreign languages. Each version is quite downloaded / download one time, after which it can be read offline.

Search. Search words and phrases quickly and sophisticated. Discover the verses with a variety of search options.

Version Comparison. Comparing translations of the Bible displayed with a dual-view 'split screen'. Learn the word of the Lord in different languages ​​with ease in one screen.

Cross Reference. Discover verses related, inter-connected in the Bible (for some versions of the Bible translation).

Note. You can make personal notes on any selected verses.

History / History. Contains a list of verses that opened before. Last verses that you read has been marked and can be reopened quickly.

Bookmarks, Labels, and trail. There are several types of "bookmarks" - you can mark the passages you read and reopen quickly; You also can create your own system of personal topics.

Copy / Copy Verses and Share. You can copy / copies of verses, and can also send them through various means (SMS, email, Bluetooth, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media).

Thoughts Every Day. Reading devotional every day from a variety of sources, and deepen the knowledge of God's word.

Read Year Plan. Choose from a variety of schedules / method / plan, and read the Bible every day according to article / passage / verse specified.

Song Books. Text of 15+ books Song / chant / Praise. Some are equipped with a "Play" - to listen to music / songs when online.

Appearance / Settings. Display Bible can be adjusted according to taste - the screen, font, size, and color. Also available is a dark mode / night and fullscreen / fullscreen.

Widget. access the Bible quickly. With the widget get a refresher of passages choices every day.

Integration Bible Dictionary, AlkiPEDIA, interpretation. Integration with applications other NET namely Bible Dictionary, AlkiPEDIA, Commentaries. (Please see the developer NET)

Daily Devotional provided:
- Daily Eats (Scripture Union Indonesia)
- Our Daily Bread (Gloria)
- Morning Devotional (Tim Bible; Charles Spurgeon)
- Morning & Evening (English)

Books Song / chant / Praise available:
- BE: Book Ende + MIDI
- GB: Gita Bakti
- KJ: Song of the Church + MIDI
- CLICK: Creative set Worship Songs and KKR
- KPKA: Song of the Order of Christian Anyar
- KPPK: Song of Praise-Praise Christian
- KPRI: Song of Fellowship Reformed Evangelical + MP3
- NKB: Sing a New Song + MIDI
- NKI: Songs of Victory Faith + MIDI
- NP: Songs of Praise
- NR: Spiritual Nafiri
- PKJ: Complementary Song Church of + MIDI
- PPK: Praise Christian

- NET Bible:
- Website:
- Android SABDA:

All glory be to God - Soli Deo Gloria!

Additional Information

Publisher:  SABDA
Requirements:  Android 4.2+
Publish Date:  15/03/2023

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