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Alcatraz Prison Dead Mission
Alcatraz Prison Dead

Alcatraz Prison Dead Mission apk game v0.18 for android

App name: 
Alcatraz Prison Dead Mission
Version:  0.18
App name: 
Alcatraz Prison Dead Mission
Category:  Action
Publisher:  PrimeStudio 3M
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  08/12/2022
Version:  0.18
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Alcatraz Prison Dead Mission screenshot image
Alcatraz Prison Dead Mission screenshot image
Alcatraz Prison Dead Mission screenshot image
Alcatraz Prison Dead Mission screenshot image
Alcatraz Prison Dead Mission screenshot image

The description of Alcatraz Prison Dead Mission

Go to the prison on Alcatraz Island and find out what happened there!
Game Features: ​
★ ​Use melee, ranged weapons, explosives or traps !
★ 100+ deadly weapons at your disposal.
★ 40+ different zombies & horrible bosses are ready to wait for you.
★ Complete various story missions from prisoners.
★ Explore the surroundings and get loot.
★ With increasing levels, zombies will be faster and more dangerous.
★ Simple and responsive controls.
★ Fantastic pixel art, animations and sound effects!
★ This is a game with a sense of humor and spirit of adventure!
★ Become a hero! Kill zombies and prevent zombie apocalypse in this adventure !

You were once the best fighter in an elite special squad. You have received all possible awards personally from the President. You swam across the Atlantic Ocean on an inflatable mattress. You were able to survive for 2 years without food and water in the Sahara Desert. You haven't blinked for 2 years - you just trained your willpower. You hit harder than Chuck the Texas Ranger! Agent 07 was jealous of you.
But all this is in the past. You work in a boring job as an ordinary watchman. You look at your phone all the time in the hope that they will call you again and call you to save the world again!
One day you pick up the phone and hear a familiar voice! He says that you just need to go to Alcatraz prison and make sure everything is in order there. It seems to you that this is a very easy task and by the evening you will be already at home, sitting in your warm armchair at your boring work ..

How to Play
Take the weapon from the gun safe and fight for survival vs zombies! You’ll earn gold coins for killing zombies and completing quests .You can buy melee or ranged weapons, explosives or traps.
Every 5 days zombies are especially aggressive and you attract the attention of their leaders, which are much more dangerous than in other zombie games! From time to time, electricity is cut off in the town and you have to fight the enemy in the dark.
You can find food and items left behind by the tenants that will help you survive.
Starting from the 2nd day, once a day, you can spin the zombie roulette in the main menu and receive prizes.
Our company wants to create new games offline for boys and girls with new exciting mechanics and an unusual storyline.
You can also purchase and wear an outfit at the main store, so it will be more fun to experience the new zombie apocalypse!

Added mini game!
Now our hero can carry out his deadly missions even when he sleeps and he really flies in a dream, only on an airplane!
Grab the wheel and take part in hellish air battles in this exciting game.

- Equip the planes (everything is here - machine guns, torpedoes, napalm, laser missiles and nuclear bombs) and fly to fight with zombie opponents on various maps!
- Destroy zombie planes, bunkers, tanks, airplanes, airships, balloons, airfields, anti-aircraft guns, fire points
- Fight over Antarctica, the Sahara Desert or the Grand Canyon!
- Don't miss bonuses - coins and crystals
- War of planes, military flights, battles, planes
- Join the air battle, win and become the best pilot of military aircraft.
- Aircraft combat and fighter and bomber control
- Any battle in the air can be the last. Action air battles and air battles and military fighters.
Fly classic warplanes to strafe, bomb, and shoot down your zombie opponents

Download our product,Alcatraz Prison Dead Mission , on your Android phone or tablet, and let us know about any bugs, questions, feature requests, or any other suggestions.

Choose your native language (available: English, 简体中文, Русский, Deutch, Français, Español, Italiano, Türkçe, 日本語, 한국어, PORTUGUÊS BRASILEIRO, Ukrainian) and play in comfort and pleasure!

Join us!

Good luck, hero !


Alcatraz Prison Dead Mission 0.18 Update

Fixed minor bugs.

Additional Information

Category:  Action
Publisher:  PrimeStudio 3M
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  08/12/2022

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