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競馬しりとりゲーム!2【帰ってきた!】 apk game v2.4.0 for android

App name: 
Version:  2.4.0
App name: 
Category:  Sports
Publisher:  Barbaroi Ware
Publish Date:  19/10/2023
Version:  2.4.0
Get It On:  google play
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競馬しりとりゲーム!2【帰ってきた!】 screenshot image
競馬しりとりゲーム!2【帰ってきた!】 screenshot image
競馬しりとりゲーム!2【帰ってきた!】 screenshot image
競馬しりとりゲーム!2【帰ってきた!】 screenshot image
競馬しりとりゲーム!2【帰ってきた!】 screenshot image

The description of 競馬しりとりゲーム!2【帰ってきた!】

They've become pretty ... and they're back ... No one asked for it ---

So, probably the only horse racing (horse name) shiritori app in the world, it has been renewed and re-appeared!
Although the previous work was released without knowing right or left, it was a long hit in a corner of Uma Musume Pretty Derby with the firm support of horse racing lovers Aniki and Aneki.
If you don't respond to that grace, the man will be gone! That's why it's re-appearing mainly with enhanced graphics. The basics haven't changed, though!

[Game introduction]
Defeat the mysterious zombie horse corps by earnestly shiritori in the name of the racehorse!
It covers almost all JRA races since the grade was established, and at the time of release, 186,925 racehorses can be used!
Of course, if you add "n", use the same horse twice, or answer the wrong horse name, you will lose.

▼ Basic rules
・ If you use a horse with "n" at the end, you lose.
・ If you use a horse name that does not exist, you lose
・ If you use the same horse name twice, you lose.
・ If the last character is "-(long vowel)", continue with the character immediately before it.
(Ex. T.M. Opera O → Next, continue from "O")
・ If the last letter is "tsu", "ya", "yu", "yo", change it to Kiyone (capital letters) and continue.
(Ex. Eishin Flash → Next, continue from "Yu")
・ If the last character is "wo", "ji", "zu", then continue with "o", "ji", and "zu" respectively.
(Ex. Zenno Susanowo → Next, continue from "O")

× Orfevre → ○ Orfevre "V"
× Neo Universe → ○ Neo Uni "Vass"
× Eisin More Over → ○ D "-" Sin More Over

Be careful.

[Game features]
▼ 3 enemy characters with different knowledge levels + α enemy characters have appeared
Various enemy characters with different knowledge levels have appeared, from Niwaka who can kill one shot to horse racing enthusiasts at a dangerous level!
Depending on the other party, a strategy may be needed ...?
By the way, in the previous work, it looked like a horse normally, but in this work it seems that it was made into a zombie by the convenience of the developer! I'm sorry!

▼ Let's shiritori with a nostalgic racehorse or a racehorse with a feeling
When Shiritori is used, not only the horse name but also the data of the racehorse such as the winning saddle, prize amount, and pedigree will be displayed at the same time.
If you're a horse racing fan, you have 100 or 200 racehorses that you love, right?
You can also check the horses you are interested in directly with the netkeiba link.

▼ Continue to adopt original prize rules Shiritori
The prize money rule Shiritori, which determines the outcome based on the total prize money of the racehorses that have been picked up in the specified number of turns, has also been adopted from the previous work.
You have to think about how the other party will return, and you need to be strategic.
It seems that if you win, you will get some useful items ...?

▼ Equipped with "hints" for beginners!
If you can't think of it, use a hint. The heavenly horse god will give you a hint.
Sometimes I teach maniac horses, though!

▼ The standard "Shibari" rule is also available.
Ordinary rules are too endless! For the lamenting brothers, there are also standard binding rules.
You can have a squeeze battle with only G1 horses, only high-ranking horses, etc.

★ New features! Detailed shiritori data can be viewed!
You can now check the player's shiritori battle history in a list, such as the number of wins and losses by enemy character, the number of answers for each horse, and the list of racehorses that often appear by 50 sounds.
We are waiting for the challenge of the strong man Aniki who fills all 50 sounds.

+++ [Caution] +++
-Since the database is created based on the JRA race data since the grade was established, overseas horses and local horses that have never raced in the JRA Central Race are basically judged to be incorrect.
(Ex. Sunday Silence, Northern Dancer, Enable, etc. cannot be used)
・ For the same reason, horses that were active before the grade was established cannot be used. (There are many exceptions)
・ For horses with the same name, priority is given to horses with the highest prize money. It cannot be used twice as a separate horse.
・ The prize amount is reflected only in JRA races and local horse racing races. All overseas races that are not denominated in yen will be judged as 0 yen, so please be careful especially when you take the prize money rules.
-A network environment is required. In the unlikely event that the server is down, it would be helpful if you could contact us from the in-app "Bug Report".

+++ [Disclaimer] +++
-As for the data used in this application, we will endeavor to provide new and accurate data as much as possible, but we do not guarantee the latestness, accuracy, usefulness, etc.
-In addition, even if any damage occurs to the user etc. by using this application, the developer does not take any responsibility for such damage.
・ Please note that the specifications of this application may be changed, revised, updated, released, or the service may be terminated without prior notice.

競馬しりとりゲーム!2【帰ってきた!】 2.4.0 Update

'23/8/30 - Ver.2.4.0

Additional Information

Category:  Sports
Publisher:  Barbaroi Ware
Publish Date:  19/10/2023
Get It On:  google play

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