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ローグウィズデッド - 戦略放置RPG
ローグウィズデッド - 戦略放置

ローグウィズデッド - 戦略放置RPG apk game v1.4.7 for android

App name: 
ローグウィズデッド - 戦略放置RPG
Version:  1.4.7
App name: 
ローグウィズデッド - 戦略放置RPG
Category:  Role Playing
Publisher:  room6
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  19/02/2023
Version:  1.4.7
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ローグウィズデッド - 戦略放置RPG screenshot image
ローグウィズデッド - 戦略放置RPG screenshot image
ローグウィズデッド - 戦略放置RPG screenshot image
ローグウィズデッド - 戦略放置RPG screenshot image
ローグウィズデッド - 戦略放置RPG screenshot image

The description of ローグウィズデッド - 戦略放置RPG

Rogue With Dead is a new endless loop idle RPG where you strengthen your soldiers and continue your journey.

"Death" makes you stronger.

A unique new game from room6, which released Unreal Life and Mirage AP.

◆ Defeat the Demon King

Your mission is As the commander of over 50 soldiers, defeat the reigning Demon King 300km away.
Earn money from quests and defeating monsters, and level up to strengthen your troops.
Battles are automatic, so you don't have to worry about complicated operations. You can manipulate yourself into battle.

Soldiers will respawn many times after they die, but if you die yourself, you will lose assets such as soldiers and coins, excluding artifacts, and restart from the first forest.

Players need to collect a wide variety of artifacts to face bosses that get stronger as they go deeper.
Earn coins by defeating monsters and completing quests, and collect artifacts by strengthening your soldiers and defeating bosses.

◆Various gameplay

・ Strengthen soldiers, defeat monsters, and conquer dungeons
Endless dungeon
- Master a variety of soldiers such as healers, summoners, and wizards
・ Defeat the bosses that appear periodically
・Tower defense elements to protect yourself from approaching monsters
・Enhance the quest and leave the element to collect coins without doing anything
・ A system of idle games that does not require troublesome operations
・Operate more powerful player soldiers to challenge bosses
- Collect powerful artifacts
・Collect ingredients to cook and strengthen soldiers
・Ranking elements that compete with other users online
・ Haskra elements that become stronger over and over again

◆Fantasy world and story drawn with pixel art

Players can travel with soldiers in this pixel art world. Let's enjoy the journey to the Demon Castle with soldiers and guide Ellie.
A fantasy story that unfolds up to the Demon King's Castle. The guide, Ellie, had a secret she couldn't tell anyone...? The secrets of the world that are gradually revealed.

Inflate and become stronger

At first, the damage dealt is about 10 to 100, but as the soldiers are strengthened, the inflation will accelerate to 100 million, 10 trillion, and 100 kyo. Let's experience the pleasant feeling of status inflation.

◆Use a wide variety of soldiers


A basic soldier with high HP who protects other soldiers on the front lines.


It can attack with a bow from a long distance, but its legs are slow and its HP is lower than that of a warrior.


His HP and attack power are low, but his feet are very fast. You can quickly get into your opponent's pocket.


Fires ranged attack magic from a long distance and has extremely high attack power. However, his feet are slow and he has a weak side.

◆Collect a wide variety of artifacts

・Attack power increases by 50%
・Invalidates attacks received by wizards once
・ Rarely obtain additional materials when obtaining materials (Probability +50%)
・Increase all coins earned by 50%
1% of the attack power of all soldiers is added to the tap attack power
・ Soldiers rarely become huge (probability 1%)
・The number of summoners summoned increases by 1
・Increases appearance rate of phantom rank soldiers by 10%

◆When you get tired, leave it alone and take a rest

When you get tired of the game, you can take a break and leave it alone. The quest will progress automatically even when left unattended, so let's strengthen it at once and subdue the boss.
You can play a little bit in between times, so it's perfect as a game to kill time.

◆Recommended for people like this

・I like idle games
・I like clicker games
・I want to play games to pass the time
・I like tap games
・I like strategy games
・ Likes RPG (role-playing) games
・I like pixel art
・I like dot RPG
・ I like tower defense (defense)
・I like Rogue
・I want to play offline
・I like games where you dive endlessly into dungeons.
・ I like inflation games
・For those who like playing games and want to play games.

ローグウィズデッド - 戦略放置RPG 1.4.7 Update

- Optimized the game for better performance
- Fixed an issue where the idle bonus ad viewing bonus could not be received correctly.
- Fixed some issues around ads

Additional Information

Category:  Role Playing
Publisher:  room6
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  19/02/2023

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