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ウズ - マーダーミステリーアプリ
ウズ - マーダーミステリーアプリ

ウズ - マーダーミステリーアプリ apk game v3.42.0 for android

App name: 
ウズ - マーダーミステリーアプリ
Version:  3.42.0
App name: 
ウズ - マーダーミステリーアプリ
Category:  Role Playing
Publisher:  sally, inc.
Publish Date:  21/10/2023
Version:  3.42.0
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ウズ - マーダーミステリーアプリ screenshot image
ウズ - マーダーミステリーアプリ screenshot image
ウズ - マーダーミステリーアプリ screenshot image
ウズ - マーダーミステリーアプリ screenshot image
ウズ - マーダーミステリーアプリ screenshot image

The description of ウズ - マーダーミステリーアプリ

Uz is an app with a call function that allows you to play Murder Mystery at any time. Since the game progresses automatically, this app completes everything from recruiting players to impression battles!

[What is Murder Mystery]

Murder mystery games are like a multiplayer story-telling wolf game. Various types of incidents occur during the game. Participants in the game will be characters in the story, working with other players to get to the bottom of the story. Some players may have caused the incident. The criminal player must avoid being suspicious of himself. Other than the criminal, some players may be trying to hide. It is a game to enjoy this as you can reach the truth of the incident while the players' mutual thoughts are mixed.

[How to use this app]

With this app, you can recruit people to play Murder Mystery together and actually play it. When recruiting, select the game and start time and wait for the players to get together. When you participate, you can apply for participation in the recruitment that someone has already done.

1. Set a start time and create an event.
2. Other users participate in the event.
3. When the participants get together and it's time to start the event, everyone starts the game.

When it's time to start playing. The game progresses in real time, so you can't be late or skip the game. Follow the instructions for each step and proceed.

【I recommend this hotel】
・ Those who want to enjoy reasoning
・ Those who want to have a good conversation
・ Those who like human wolf games
・ Those who like TRPG
・ Those who like solving mysteries

[Posted Madamis]

A total of 120 works by famous Madamis authors and original works are currently posted. It will be posted more and more in the future.

Posting scenario example:

Kaoru Rokube no Furu Yuji
Semi Madamis
Court mask
Beware of 4 girlfriends
Happy end
Rice still miss
Kojin family clan murder on a hair change island
Mystery solving is before morning ~ Uneven detective case book ~
Tomodachi meeting
Know the water of God
Yoshihara gossip Spring
The true criminal is there
Idols never sleep
Rooftop angel thought
Zaika and Kaito
Phantom Thief Lab
A house where the liver disappears
President of Densetsu
Giant and Peace Sign
On the night of the summer survival confirmation meeting.
Killing in the dark
ESP training center μ
Rainy tail
Overtime Girls' Association before Christmas
Devil Damis
Uneven Shinobu Shinobu disappeared magatama and dream sake
Bizarre marionette
Sleeper train murder to Edinburgh
Whereabouts of the disappeared morning mist
The king's ear is the donkey's ear
You're hiding it, right?
Hold your finger
Happy ignorance
Strange murder of Kaigame village
Comet complex
Ally and Log
A rumored ghost story
Death of fairy tales
We at that time
Who was mischievous! ??
I will never forget the summer you were in
Enma the Great and his minions
Behind Mask s ~ or Meeting of the Dead ~
Unfinished Exceed ver.uzu
First love
Fairy Gatekeeper
Kokai no Kaigo
Classes not suitable for women
Cigar Wars
Storm hospital
Secret Yushima and machos
Killing sweets
Miss Murder's Casebook 3 ~ Sonata on the sleeper train of the encounter ~
Daphne flower
Monsters Halloween Night
Open that spring and open it again
Silent bystander
Pandemic-The whereabouts of the disappearing silver bullet-
Sole Zole Neuremono
10 Count to Heaven-Love Words I Wanted to Tell You-
Shinonome, Tamaki, Akegarasu
Interesting things ☆ Detectives
Welcome to the St. Marigold Academy High School Student Organization!
Goodbye if you become a corpse
Angels and monsters
With angels, demons, and humans
Who will get the revenge?
That night's companion
Detective Ashito Tokiri's Case Record Ep00: Dressed Lady
Goodbye from me to ■■.
Scammers and ropes
To the last of humankind
Why are clowns clowning?
Gomiya poisonous flower
Our summer vacation
Too many detectives
Callisto is far away
Miss Murder's Casebook II-A Trio at a Reminiscence Apothecary-
Crowdfunding 300,000 Incident
Murder mystery game
Birthday party on a non-existent day
Guardians Mitrosia
Hero Kitan "Momotaro"
Kiyosu meeting
3 detectives and 3 cases
The incident is with the Asahi
Dripping in the darkness
First of all, from the vessel to kill Sukisha
Letter from morning dew
Matching the answers of youth
UFO Research Circle Murder Case
Pets don't speak anything
Chiakiraku's murder
Death of General Bird (revised edition)
Miss Murder's Casebook-Quarter at a Silence Hotel-
The truth of the 49th day
Gear Sekai
Hot water for the dead
Four Detectives
The truth of the poisoned apple
Island of the four seasons
Baron-sponsored dinner
Goshikinuma clan murder case
Storm in a triangular ship
Smoker's Panic
Gakuin Witch Trial
Daman family
HOTEL Clue to Magic
Gibbeted Ghost ~ Suspended Ghost ~
Kenta-kun's disappeared luxury pudding
Don't touch the Occult Lab!

ウズ - マーダーミステリーアプリ 3.42.0 Update

Bug Fixes

Additional Information

Category:  Role Playing
Publisher:  sally, inc.
Publish Date:  21/10/2023

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